Friday, November 7, 2008

Seven Random Things

Okay. So, Doreen just tagged me to blog seven random things about me. I've been blogging since early in college and have never been tagged to do anything specific. I've always just rambled. And rambled. And rambled some more. I guess that I've been blogging random things about me for a long time. Haha.

Well, now here are seven more.

1) I have crafting ADD. I want to learn it all. So, I start teaching myself one method, craft, technique, or project. I accomplish one, two, three or more projects. And then, some new skill grabs at my attention, and I have to learn it. Don't get me wrong. I love all the things I've learned. And, I always come back to them. I just have several (and I mean several) unfinished projects lying around.

2) Diet Coke should run thru my veins. And, maybe it already does, given how much I drink it. A cold Diet Coke just makes me feel better when I'm sad. It's a great drink to have when celebrating. It's...just...wonderful.

3) I love gerbera daisies. They are simply happy flowers. They are full of color--bright, full, and bold. They are sassy and speak volumes. In fact, I think they scream fun-loving.

4) I don't like sleeping with the sheets tucked into the end of the bed. Growing up, when Dad would tuck me into bed, he always said, "Lift up your feet" before swiping his arm underneath them, bringing the blankets under my feet. That's how I like to sleep.

5) The first thing I do when I get into a hotel room is check for bed bugs. Never fail. Any hotel room. Any city. And number of stars. Down on my hands and knees, looking for those suckers. (Literally, they are blood suckers.) And when I get back from the trip, I leave my bag in my car in the hot sun for two to three days just in case a stray bug decided it wanted to come find a new home. Instead, it finds...a more eternal home.

6) I can watch Love Actually any time of year at any time of day. In fact, I have. It's my go-to movie.

7) I am in love with this ring. When I go to Vegas, I always make a quick stop in the Dior shop in the Bellagio to visit it. When I was last there, I learned that they were making a special edition of this ring in rose gold (my favorite). And when I was looking for an image to post, I found its cousin, a ring featuring a morganite stone wrapped with the rose gold "oui." It's SO cute!

I don't know who I'm going to tag to write about themselves. I'm not too sure who reads this blog. So, I'll send it out into cyberspace. If you decide to write about your seven random things, let me know, and I'll link to it here.

Laila is going to be beside herself as she adjusts to BeBe now having her own little doggy staircase. Now, BeBe can climb up to the sofa--Laila's haven from BeBe--all on her own. Photos and whatnot to come, but this comic just reminded me of Laila. I don't think she means to blow snot on me. She just kinda...does.

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