Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in domesticity - Sewing a roll-up makeup brush case

So, like I mentioned previously, I've been sewing. I think what has really spurred the interest is that I now have the space for my machine to be out all the time, rather than tucked away in a closet in my tiny one-bedroom apartment. Seeing it every day makes me feel guilty for tucking away all my scraps in drawers, shelves, boxes...wherever I can get them to fit.

Back in college when I started wearing makeup for reals, I had three--maybe four--makeup brushes. One for eyeshadow, one for blush, one for powder... Okay, only three. Now, my little pencil case-turned-makeup-brush-case can't hold the burgeoning collection. Blush! Foundation! Eyeliner! Lip liner! Contouring! Shadowing! I was keeping my brushes in an old Bare Essentials box, and their poor little bristles were just getting bumped and smashed and treated terribly. Plus, the box was huge and made storage a real issue. So, with some scrap linen and cotton fabrics, I fashioned this roll-up brush holder. It's not perfect, as I refused to measure ahead of time and just went crazy with my scissors. Still, it gets the job done and is so fun to unroll each morning. Plus, all my brushes are lined up, and it is easy to find exactly the brush I want. This should definitely make putting on my kitty face tomorrow night to hand out candy to the kids very easy. (And, sorry for these yellow photos. The bathroom lighting is terrible.)

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As for the croquembouche progress, the BF is having major issues with my making my own birthday cake. He thinks there is something sad about it. But, I love learning a new skill on my birthday. Or, at least promising to learn a new skill during that upcoming year. This little tradition is how I started knitting, printmaking, (almost) guitar playing, and now, hopefully, baking. So, the compromise we've reached is that I can make the cake so long as I make it with him. I think it's a good compromise as we get to spend fun time together.

Shhh...don't tell him. I'm going to practice making cream puffs tonight.

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